fumbling2solace (fumbling2solace) wrote in your_tns_fix,

London Ont. 10/06/07

London Ont 10/06/07 was by far the best show I have seen to date. I know there's a lot of youtube videos out there, but I was hoping someone captured the whole show?!

I normally would, but my recording device has vanished since moving :(

maybe it's out there?
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i was front row and they were pretty strict about cameras with flash, and even if you had your camera held up for too long. The girl beside me was taking a video for about a minute and the security guard started walking over to her.
p.s. what would you recommend as the best youtube videos of that concert? i did manage to take two videos of living room and umbrella but the sound isn't that great because i was right across from the speaker
I really liked the live version of Like O, Like H.

I know they were pretty strick, I was standing half way back off to the side (I don't like crowds) and the security were all over everyone who had a camera. I used to be a little pirate, I got very good at hiding my bootlegging from security, and now I'm kicking myself for losing my recorder, because I would've been fine, security didn't look at me once.