Warlok (warlok11) wrote in your_tns_fix,

Old boot...

A while ago I downloaded this boot of Tegan and Sara, like, an early IIWY performance, where they play like, all their IIWY songs and stuff, um...it was the show they tried to play I Ran....I can't think of anything else distinctive, but would like the link if you still know of it existing somewhere...it's on my computer that I don't have and I feel like hearing it...

Also, anyone notice that at the end of their IIWY tours, they only played like a select few IIWY songs,and the rest were like b-sides and covers and stuff. Nowadays they still play all SJ stuff, even if SJ is winding down...

And finally, if you check the fansites forum, in the media section, there's a bunch of new great videos of T&S at the Ottawa Folk Festival in 2003. It's like, all City Girl and Terrible Storm...it's really good...
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